Print anything

With Voxelizer you have full control over your 3D printing workflow in a simple way. Get the most out of your printer thanks to its advanced features and go where other slicers don't.


Quality by default

Voxelizer ensures great quality by default while allowing you to express your preference. Want it fast? Durable? Precise? We got you covered.

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Save time and material

Save up to 40% in printing time and 30% in material thanks to adaptive layer height, adaptive infill, optimal support structures and specilized algorithms.

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Preset library and intuitive UI

Voxelizer is designed with simplicity in mind. With an intuitive workflow you can get your G-code in a few clicks. Download from our library of optimized presets for your materials and models, or create your own. Easiliy switch between a detailed and a fast print, a light and a robust one. With Voxelizer you have full control with little effort.

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We're putting all our focus on providing widespread FDM and DLP printer compatibility.

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Ready for multi-material printing

The market of multi-material printing and the market of specialized filaments are expanding and we are keeping up the pace.

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The voxel approach

Voxels are to the 3d world what pixels are in a 2d image - tiny boxes from which the entire model is built.

By using voxels at the very core of our software we're closer to the real world than in traditional, triangles-based approaches. This allows smarter data processing and algorithms to be used, and enables features such as 3d filters, booleans and print simulation.

Advanced supports

If you think that there is no way you will be able to print your model wait because the advanced support structures of Voxelizer might save your day. Inside the software you will find Tree and Lattice support that guarantee minimal impact on the model and easiness of removal while ensuring stability and print quality.

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3d filters are a new way of editing 3d objects that allow local modifications of model geometry based on mathematical operations on voxels.

Smoothing, thickening, thinning, noise reduction and other filters will help you to make unprintable things printable.

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Not just FDM 3d printing

Additive manufacturing is just one of many forms of personal fabrication. Voxelizer also gives you access to CNC routers, laser cutters and paste extruders with dedicated workflows. Works out of the box with ZMorph SX/VX multitool machines.

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There's more!

Go to the download page and discover the rest of Voxelizer's features: advanced print simulation, G-code to mesh conversion, G-code analytics and more!