Presets library

One of Voxelizer’s core features is the preset system. This allows you to quickly apply different types of properties to your printed models, depending on your needs: fast or precise, light or durable, sparse or dense support... We are constantly improving our default presets based on our tests and adding new ones from new materials. You will always get the updated version from our online public repository. You can also create your own custom presets and apply them directly from the main Settings area.


These include all the parameters that are connected with the type of filament that you are using, like speed, temperature and retraction. Via the slider related to these presets you can also influence the appearance of your printed model, moving from a more rough and fast print to a more precise and detailed one.


With the parameters contained in these type of presets you can determine how solid your model will be (and indirectly also the print quality): you can change the outline count, the type and amount of infill, the number of top and bottom solid layers and so on.


With these presets you can choose the type of support and the related properties. Voxelizer has advanced support features, you can read more about them here.

Intuitive UI

We want our users to have a flawless experience with Voxelizer and that’s why we have put great attention to our UI, creating a clear workflow that brings you from the mesh model to the G-code effortlessly. Only the most important settings are immediately visible, while the most advanced features are in well organized, yet separate, areas of the program. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, with Voxelizer you will immediately find what you need.