Informational Clause

Effective as of May 25, 2018

In line with article 13 act 1-2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (further on “GDPR”) we inform that:

    1. The administrator of your personal data is ZMorph S.A. Tęczowa 57; 53-601 Wrocław, Poland

    1. You may contact the administrator concerning protection of your personal data using a contact form on the website, under email address under telephone number +48 71 78 66 280; or by mail to the address of the company as indicated in point 1.

    1. Aims and reasons of processing. We will process your data:

    2. in order to conclude the agreement for using Voxelizer software (basis art. 6 act 1 let. b GDPR)

    3. for archivization (litigation) reasons, realizing our lawfully justified interest in securing information in case of a lawful need for proving facts (basis art. 6 act 1 let. f GDPR)

    4. if need be, in order to establish, investigate or defend against claims, realizing our lawfully justified interest (basis art. 6 act 1 let. f GDPR)

    5. for analytical reasons (better selection of services for needs of our Clients, general optimization of our products, optimization of support processes, building knowledge about our Clients, financial analysis of our company etc.), realizing our lawfully justified interest (foundation art. 6 act 1 let. f GDPR)

    6. in order to offer you our products and services directly (direct marketing), including selecting them in line with your needs, that is profiling, realizing our lawfully justified interest (foundation art. 6 act 1 let. f GDPR)

    1. Right of objection

    2. At any moment you’re entitled to put up an objection against processing of your data, processed for reasons 4-5, processed based on justified interest. We will stop processing your data for these reasons, unless we will be able to prove that there are important, lawfully justified reasons, which are overriding your interests, rights and freedoms, or in case your data will be necessary for potential establishing, investigation or defence of claims.

    3. At any moment you have the right to object against processing of your data for the purpose of direct marketing. If you choose to exercise this right, we will stop processing the data for these purposes.

    1. Period of storing the data. We will store your data for the duration of your Voxelizer license.

    2. Your personal data related to conclusion of the contract will be stored for the period during which claims related to the contract may surface, which is 5 years.

    3. Data processed based on your consent will be processed until you reverse your consent or we come to the conclusion that they are obsolete.

    4. If the contract will not come to a conclusion after 2 months of you having been presented with an offer by us, your personal data related to the offer for this contract will be removed immediately, except of the data required for direct marketing.

    5. Data processed for the purpose of direct marketing may be processed until you object against processing of this data or we will come to a conclusion that they are obsolete.

    1. Receivers of the data

    2. Your personal data may be passed to our partners, that is companies with which we’re cooperating with by connecting products or services, subjects engaged in the process of payment processing, institutions determined by the letter of law such as the Tax Office, Social Security and others.

    1. Laws of people concerned by the data. In accordance with GDPR, you have the right to:

    2. Access your data and download a copy of it

    3. Correct your data

    4. Remove, limit or make a complaint against their processing

    5. Transfer the data

    6. Fill a complaint to a supervisory organ

    1. Information concerning voluntariness of presenting data

    2. Handing over the data is required in order to conclude the contract or make actual another goal connected with processing.

    1. Automatic decision making

    2. In the process of registration we’re making decisions in an automated process, helped by profiling, to profile the software in line with our client’s needs

      These decisions are taken completely automatically based on data which we have stored about you:

      - Username
      - Email address
      - Encrypted password
      - Date of account creation and last sign in date
      - Declared industry
      - IP address (and, based on it, approximate geolocalization)
      - Version of the program and the operating system
      - Unique identifier of the computer/system
      - Graphics card model
      - Times of starting and ending of all Voxelizer sessions
      - Serial numbers of connected printers
      - Selected printer model
      - All chosen user interface elements
      - Selected information about used functionalities
      - All the errors registered during program execution

      (in case of a license attached to a purchased printer):
      - name/company name
      - Printer serial number
      - Printer source of purchase
      - Country

      (in case of purchasing Voxelizer):
      - name/company name
      - Country
      - Address
      - VAT identification number

      Decisions taken in this automated way influence the workings of the software.

    3. Profiling is processing of personal data making use of your personal data to judge some of your traits, in particular to analyse or predict aspects related to the effects of your work, economical situation, health, personal preferences, interests, reliability, behavior, localization and moving.

    4. Making decisions in an automated manner in order to use the Voxelizer software is based on a consent given by you.

    5. If you’re questioning the effect of profiling, you can make the complaint using the following channels of communication:

      Email address:
      Correspondence address:
      ZMorph S.A.
      Tęczowa 57
      53-601 Wrocław

      Complaint and verification of the profiling effect will be considered in an non-automated manner. Please include information, which in your opinion justifies the inaccuracy of our judgment. You may also be asked to provide these information later.

      The complaint will be considered by a person with sufficient competence and authorization for making the decision.