Feature-rich software

The only all-in-one multitool digital fabrication software out there. Features multi-material workflows, works with most file formats, allows advanced model editing, and more.

Extra tools and features

Reverse-engineer G-codes

You already know that Voxelizer is a versatile, robust 3d production environment for multi-material and multi-functional processes. In addition, it can also perform some extra tasks. Did you ever find yourself loosing your original STL file, trying to somehow extract it back from your gcode ? Now you can use GCODE reconstruction tool, which converts your object back to editable geometry! Reverse engineer any gcode file and edit or export to STL whenever you want.

Import medical 3d data on the fly

Now Voxelizer supports DICOM file import, allowing 3d printing straight from medical scan files, such as CT (computer tomography) or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). This is possible because this data is based on voxels too. Conversion is quick and easy, and thanks to advanced controls such as density adjustment and quick surface preview, materializing medical data was never any easier! Whether you want to show physical models of tissue to a doctor, or use it for educational purposes - these are the right tools to do it.

Paint on top of objects

You can now use mouse or digital pen to paint on top of your objects. This can be used for manual object editing and coloring, which is especially usable when used with multi-material 3d printing techniques.