Voxelizer Experimental for Linux

Installing Voxelizer

Voxelizer Experimental is available as a snapd package on Linux.

If you have snapd installed on your system, simply type:

snap install voxelizer --beta

Voxelizer is available in the official snap store at https://snapcraft.io/voxelizer.

Updating Voxelizer

Snap will keep your installation up-to date automatically. To update manually, type:

snap refresh voxelizer

Installing snapd

If you don't have snapd installed on your system, see the following instructions: https://docs.snapcraft.io/installing-snapd/.

Accessing USB devices

As Voxelizer is released for now with Strict Confinement, it's not possible to easily access USB devices. If you'd like to establish a direct connection with your printer, you can install it with the --devmode flag which will disable confinement. Please note that auto-updates will then be disabled and you'll need to update with snap refresh voxelizer.

snap install voxelizer --beta --devmode


Please leave feedback concerning the linux version on our community forums at https://community.voxelizer.com/.