Voxelizer Experimental

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Voxelizer 2.0

Released 06.07.2018

Building on an intensive Beta phase, we're happy to deliver the first non-beta version of Voxelizer 2.

Scene models alignment

The mechanism for importing aligned models has been reworked. To align models, import multiple models at the same time and agree to the prompt asking if they should be aligned. The models may be later disaligned by clicking on a number button on the upper right of the model miniature.

Separated objects detection

It is now also possible to split models composed of multiple meshes in the scene view by clicking the number button on the bottom right of the model miniature.

Support: weak (hanging) areas reinforcement

Other features and changes:

  • Better filament and time prediction
  • Fix for communication with the printer via ethernet
  • Better support recommendation
  • Added warnings before G-code playing
  • Introducing printing hints
  • G-code generation optimization
  • Dxf scale popup
  • Multiple interface improvements
  • Precise G-code voxelization
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.7.1

Released 18.4.2018

A few bugfixes for the 1.7.0 version

  • If your 'My Documents' are located in a non-standard location, such as network drive, OneDrive or iCloud, Voxelizer will now store configuration in a different location (in AppData folder)
  • Additional reporting for graphics problems
  • Keyboard shortcuts listing in Help -> Keyboard shortcut list
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.7.0

Released 4.4.2018

Highlights of this release:

  • Lattice support
  • Sphere selection ('q' key plus left mouse click on voxel objet)
  • Reworked rendering engine

Other features and changes:

  • Export voxel object to STL
  • Engrave filter
  • Improved tree support
  • Edit object dimensions in Scene editor
  • Various fixes and optimisations
  • Removed ZMorph 2.0S from the Choose Printer wizard. If you own a ZMorph 2.0S you can choose 2.0SX instead, but note that we're not actively testing Voxelizer with ZMorphs older then 2.0SX
  • The CNC and the Laser toolhead for the ZMorph 2.0SX printer are temporarily removed from the Choose toolhead wizard until the new firmware is released. If you want to use the laser or the CNC toolhead on your 2.0SX printer with the new Voxelizer choose the VX printer. Full compatibility is not guaranteed.

Version 1.6.0

Released 1.12.2017

Highlights of this release:

  • Adaptive infill
  • Refined presets
  • Filament library
  • New 3d filters
  • Live print settings preview
  • Usability improvements
  • Reworked DICOM workflow
  • Lots of bug fixes

Version 1.5.10

Released 04.09.2017

  • initial, prototype version of 3d milling
  • improvements to print quality
  • reintroduction of DICOM medical files processing
  • shortcuts to preset edit tabs in preset selection
  • default presets updates
  • fixes to outline convolution
  • fixes to support generation
  • fixes to some filters

Version 1.5.9

Released 14.08.2017

  • new outline start/end seam reduction technique: outline convolution
  • add custom voxel size interface mechanics
  • recent files now show up in all workflows, restricted to files that make sense in that workflow
  • colors toolbox is now hidden for singlehead workflows
  • copying presets will now add all settings added in new versions of Voxelizer
  • stl objects names will now show up on hover over their images
  • purge remnants of an empire long gone
  • default presets updates
  • fix a crash when no presets exist for current printer
  • fix mapping generation taking too much time
  • fix crash on HID autoconnection
  • fix wipe being always on, even when turned off in interface
  • fix dense infill appearing despite being set to 0
  • fixes for short-distance retraction
  • fix some other crashes

Version 1.5.7

Released 03.08.2017

  • remove toggle dev mode and perform local update
  • interface tweaking
  • Fix on Sigma retraction (force_retraction)
  • Interface for Prusa i3
  • Fix on first dual head swap
  • prepare for dynamic voxel size choice
  • guard against possible startup license error
  • Mini fix Sigma
  • Prusa presets
  • remove WorkspaceValueConverter
  • make slice preview work again
  • some stylistic changes
  • fix object ray intersection
  • fix crash on all objects removed
  • fix object outline not being shown
  • fix powerraft dimensionality
  • react to enter and escape in welcome wizard
  • make selected preset blue backgrounded
  • proper locked textbox grayout
  • update buttons and icons graphics
  • capitalize menus
  • add infographics for CNC
  • change default button hover style
  • Fix on material presets display
  • Quick fix for selecting nozzle diameter for Generic RepRap
  • Quick fix for selecting toolhead for Generic RepRap
  • Doubbled extrusion amount for bottom dot
  • disappear save changes button on changes saved
  • add console start message and button
  • fix dense infill computations
  • fix zeroing of slice level after voxelization
  • fix extruder simulation and voxel object operations
  • limit gcode filename and add toolhead
  • Updated voxel simulation buttons
  • fix gradient painter z span
  • make it possible to turn off retraction additional action
  • fix frustum selection coordinates
  • Tooltips for 3d printing
  • Some changes on eula wizard
  • change wood image to Emi's bathroom doors
  • fix support preview …
  • disallow adding vox objects with different voxel size
  • change set voxel size message
  • fix voxel object splitting
  • guard against infinite workspace bounding box
  • add advise and warning about voxel size
  • change voxel size advise to lower
  • partially fix support after previously partially breaking it
  • fix tree support
  • update presets and remove nonessential
  • add CNC and laser presets
  • re-fix support
  • Before print action for Prusa
  • After print actions for Prusa
  • Images for Prusa quad and xml
  • Interface and xml for Prusa 4 colors
  • Show extruders' names in interface
  • make prediction much less frequent
  • suppress reboot
  • guard against manipulator destruction error
  • precompute object bbox for mapping
  • switch to fine mesh when painter requests so
  • replace welcome text with vox logo
  • add voxel size indication in voxel precision toolbox
  • properly set voxel size when importing the project
  • attempt at .vox file registration
  • only make it possible to start when an accessory is selected
  • don't show arrows on image selection when all elements fit
  • disallow start without chosen accessory even more
  • update presets
  • add some missing tooltips for settings
  • remove presets from default_documents …
  • make it possible to save generated laser code
  • only use toolhead name once in gcode export
  • turn off firmware update
  • reset slice level on object changed
  • changes for prusa

Version 1.5.6

Released 28.07.2017

  • faster linestring editor
  • remove tool id from material ratio
  • drawing T2 and T3
  • Fixes on retract_another
  • Fix for now
  • minor changes
  • fix program restart command
  • fix typo
  • dont use original mesh if there is no one:
  • miter offset
  • working on out of memory problem
  • move voxel object preview generation to flow graph
  • clip the sliced mesh to the currently generated slice preview level
  • New icons
  • Removed Go to KB and Shop from Start
  • fix transfer focus falling in infite loop
  • refresh view after tab change
  • add option for 2d AO
  • Added has_buckets
  • use properly-sized installer dialog image
  • make it possible to perform installer-based updates
  • make it possible to use installer-type updates
  • set default pyramid support amount to 9 (full)
  • add timer
  • fixes in laser and cnc
  • fixes in cnc and laser
  • remove sphere at (0,0,0)
  • remove previous versions on install
  • Merge branch 'feature/tools' into develop
  • enable same version installer upgrades
  • replace artifacts graphics
  • added missing linestring shader for macOS
  • minor fixes and interface tweaking
  • various textual and visual changes
  • minor enhancement to linestrings management performance
  • Fix for Sigma at start
  • remove inf values from graph
  • remove old code
  • change printer names
  • Fix for Doubble Nozzle head change