Advanced supports

Everyone would like to do without them, but support structures are something that is often unavoidable in 3D printing. That's why Voxelizer provides you the best tools for it. On top of the traditional simple and solid support, Voxelizer comes with two advanced structures: tree support and lattice support.

Tree support

The Tree support is designed to minimize the use of material and its impact on the model. It generates a tree structure that gently sustains it and that, once printed, is extremely easy to remove. If your model has many details and small parts the tree support will be the best way to handle it.

Lattice support

The lattice support is designed for the worst case scenarios. It takes time to print it but nothing can stop it. It will reach every part of your model that needs support and, at the end, it will be a piece of cake to remove it. Print anything with it.

Weak areas detection

Every type of support in Voxelizer includes an advanced feature: automatic detection of floating and weak parts of the model. In such cases the software will add an extra amount of support, based on the volume of these elements. Great for printing figurines.

Support editing

Thanks to voxels manipulation you can easily adapt the support generated by the software to your specific model, removing the parts that are not necessary.