Professional software for multi‑material object making

Voxelizer opens the doors to the world of digital fabrication. Download 30-day trial today and start manufacturing!


Multimaterial 3D Printing

Use the power of multimaterial 3D printing. Voxelizer can combine and mix up to 8 colours in single print.

Dedicated tools for professionals

Create stunning architectural models using two materials - translucent for the glass, opaque for construction and dedicated tools.

Multiple Workflows

Work with many fabrication techniques such as CNC milling, laser cutting and 3D printing using the same 3D data.

Feature-rich software

Optimize and improve 3D objects by using robust 3D filtering algorithms.

Materialize amazing medical models straight from CT and MRI scans thanks to DICOM compability.

Print unprintable things with intelligent and sophisticated support structures.

Compatible with many desktop 3D printers such as Zmorph, Prusa i3, BCN Sigma or any RepRap machine.